Below an overview of all our milking clusters and accessories (liners, shells, milk claws). For cows, goats and sheep.

  • Milking clusters and accessories

    Milking clusters and accessories (7)

    Several milking clusters for cows, goats and sheep.
  • Shells

    Shells (30)

    A large assortment shells adaptable for several brands like DeLaval, Boumatic, Surge and Westfalia. We also have adaptable liners for goats and sheep.
  • Milk claws and accessories

    Milk claws and accessories (90)

    Several (complete) milk claws and components.
  • Accessories

    Accessories (23)

    Components for milking clusters like sight glasses and inflation stops.
  • Liners

    Liners (173)

    Large assortment of liners adaptable for various brands such as DeLaval, Fullwood, DairyMaster, Boumatic, Strangko, Westfalia, Gascoigne Melotte, Lely, Milkrite, Miele, SAC and Surge. Also for goats and sheep.The liners are appropriate for the corresponding brands. The liners are alternatives to the brands mentioned. The reference numbers are only meant for comparison.